Chatbot Development

Chatbots That We Develop

Live Takeover

Live chat with users
When your users hit a snag or need to help from a real persons, Openaibrains allows you to take over the conversation and chat directly.

Realtime notifications
Notifications through web, email, and mobile allow you to stay up to date with conversations in real time.

Chat on the go
App for IOS allows you to watch and takeover chats wherever you are.

Developing your first AI chatbot

If it’s your first time exploring conversational AI technologies, we can work with your team to help you design and build a robust chatbot solution ensuring users get the answers to their questions and keep customer and user satisfaction high.


Reviewing your current AI chatbot

 If you’re already using chatbots in your business, you may find that they aren’t performing to your expectations. Common chatbot problems include complex or obstructive conversational flows, too many misunderstood messages, or simply a very low engagement rate.

A chatbot’s performance relies on many factors, and as part of our consultancy services, our team of conversational AI experts will conduct a thorough audit of your chatbot. We will provide recommendations and improvements and highlight areas for attention and improvement and how best to execute these.

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