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We are looking for Sr. Cloud DevOps Engineer . Please share your resume with rate and availability. Must have 10+ years of IT experience. Created and configured Jenkins Pipeline executing the defined stages and steps to perform Terraform initialization, planning and apply operations. To manage the CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins Pipeline, deploying Kubernetes pod managed in Rancher. Troubleshoot issues related to Kubernetes cluster, pods, networking, storage and other infrastructure components. Migrated legacy applications to Git integrating CI/CD. Built CI/CD pipeline for all legacy applications using Git, Jenkins, Ansible and Docker. Responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining infrastructure automation using Ansible. Developed Ansible Playbooks to automate deployment of application packages across the server ensuring consistent and standardized system config. Docker - Build the Docker file & run the image to create a running instance of the image I.e Container. Deployed source code across various Linux environments. Maintained and troubleshooted application servers as a part of infrastructure management. Automated deployments using Python across Unix environments Integrated the Selenium Scripts in Jenkins pipeline for testing the application after successful deployment. Promoting the Stable builds to QA and Production Environments. Upgraded the Jobs Application Server Helping to team in Python and GIT related problems in developers system setups. Managed Kubernetes objects using configuration files. Managed cluster Daemons by performing rollback on a Daemon set. Managed resource requests and limits of pods and containers.



Austin, Texas and Dallas

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DevOPS Developer


10+ Years


Long-term project


20 June, 2024

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